Clear skies, strong Westerlies

Strong Westerlies all day. Clear skies. Force 5
The barometer has been pretty level, the forecast is for the wind to ease overnight and pick up as strong Westerlies again tomorrow afternoon.

6 tour boats
3 halibut boats on the edge of the reserve

Business as usual in the reserve today. The Elephant seals are still in the front yard. The Sea lions are on Middle Rock. Lots of Gulls. My windows are in dire need of washing after being seriously bombed by the Gulls. The challenge is that there are two very aggressive Canada Geese nesting next to the tap I need to use to get the pump running off the rain water collection tank. We have a truce for getting firewood but I get attacked every time I go to the compost. I’m hoping that the Geese and I can work something out for using the hose.

-Ran desalinator off the PV panels
-Worked on SOPs and shift calendar
-Started cleaning sludge of roof of energy building
-Worked on Science house basement door