Cleaning and Battery Maintenance

Yesterday Jake and I worked in the morning cleaning out the basement of the Science Center to make it more functional when students and other guests stay there.  In the afternoon Jake did some organizing in the Eco Guardians basement and in the boat house and I worked on topping up the liquid in the battery bank.  It took me about 3 hours to get through half of the 96 batteries at which point it was dark and time to run the generator. I will try to finish the other half today or this weekend.  It looks like with the last rain water has been leaking through a roof vent on the NE side of battery room, there was water pooled on the floor which I mopped up, will keep an eye on this.

Misery was on the island all day yesterday near heli pad. Was vocal last night and is now over near the science center.

I had planned on leaving the island today to take Jake back to Pearson College and to run some errands in town but there is a gale warning, NE swell into the jetty, and barometer is falling so we will stay put until tomorrow.