Ascidia paratropa : Glassy tunicate –The Race Rocks Taxonomy


Glass tunicate image by Ryan Murphy. ID by Rick Harbo Sept 2014

Phylum Chordata,
Subphylum Urochordata,
Class Ascidiacea,
Order Enterogona
Family Ascidiidae
Suborder Phlebobranchia
Genus Ascidia
Species paratropa
(Huntsman, 1912)






This is a solitary tunicate, 10-15 cm tall.. We find these only occasionally at Race Rocks, sub-tidally  at about 10-15 metres. The colonial ascidians are always more abundant.

This file is provided as part of a collaborative effort by the students, faculty, staff and volunteers of
Lester B. Pearson College
Garry Fletcher, 2014

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