Chunk and female e-seal interact


  • Wind NE 15-20 knots, sky mostly clear.
  • The large female elephant seal was at the centre of the Great Race in the morning, sleeping quite soundly. Chunk hauled out mid morning and made his way towards her.   The interaction seemed normal for pre-birth as compared with previous years: he was agressive but restrained, not really bitting her, no intercourse observed.  He got on top of her so that her mobility was limited, she wriggled and vocalized.  Eventually she got free of him and moved about 20 ft and he followed repeating their interactions but less vigorously and eventually both tending towards sleeping.  (photos to come)


  • 2 pleasure-craft. One was speeding in the Reserve and passed too close to harbour seals on West Rock.


  • Cleared ramp
  • Collected and cut driftwood for firewood