Chris Blondeau, Director of Operations for Race Rocks to 2017

In 2017, after serving for 20 years at Lester Pearson College, Chris Blondeau has left the staff at the College. The program at Race Rocks was strongly supported by Chris throughout the time he was here, and we will miss him greatly.  He started his service at the college as a PADI diving instructor . In that capacity, hundreds of students in the Diving Service benefited from his skilled teaching, leadership and friendship. He also worked closely with Faculty in the Biology, Environmental Systems and Marine Science Subject areas. His expertise in vessel handling was passed on to many students during his time in the Diving Service.

Chris soon became the Director of operations for Pearson College and Race Rocks. In 2005-2006 he took on a major responsibility in coordinating the installation of the Tidal Current Generator at RaceRocks

Chris has overseen the development of many projects of the Race Rocks program over the years.

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