Census and first electrical fence working


If Friday was very calm it was not the same story on Saturday and Sunday. Actually we had the same pattern of weather: wind around 20 in the morning picking up around 7:00PM getting 35 to 37 knots around 8:PM. We had some fog a big part of the day on Saturday.


The Sea lions came back to their favorite spot on main closed to the derrick house and  they slept like they would in a dormitory side by side.The birds were stressed by the wind and we had to wear our helmet…It was a continuous show around with the gulls :fly and fight ..many fights and a lot of shouting. The younger now are getting good at flying and some even left the rock.2016  nesting season is at the end. DSC_0177DSC_0444DSC_0442


Very dirty solar panels !Thick!…I put some peat moss in the compost. Guy installed the electrical line because of the heavy concrete posts, it was a big job among the shouting birds and sea lions behind.Generator on for 12 hours; desalinator on too. Last time was 10 days agoDSC_0356DSC_0407DSC_0424