Tidal Energy ENCANA video

This video is a compressed version of the one produced by Brainstorm for the Tidal Current Power Project. It documents the partners and the process along the way in the establishment of the Turbine Project . (released January 19, 2007 to correspond with the visit of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Lester Pearson College and Race Rocks. )

The Johan Ashuvud Race Rocks 2002 Project- Video by Ben

Ben Dougall (PC yr.28) from Australia has edited this clip demonstrating some of the highlights of his stay with “The Crew” at Race Rocks.They were there for the Johan Ashuvud Race Rocks02 Project in the first two weeks of June 2002 . As well as providing daily webcasts from the mobile camera, they took over the duties of the Ecological reserve  ecoguardians and worked on producing a number of video sequences for the video archives and Race Rocks Taxonomy.

Go to “MEET THE CREW” for the Project.

Webcasting Crew at Race Rocks for the Johan Ashvud RR’02 Project



Michael Kiprop Kenya (PC-2003)



Joe Downham UK (PC-2003)


Ben Dougall Australia (PC-2003)


Ryan Murphy Newfoundland & Labrador (PC-2001)

“We had a great time webcasting live from Race Rocks on Camera 4 during the first two weeks of June for the Johan Ashuvud Race Rocks02 Project”
Three current first year students from Pearson College and Ryan Murphy, who graduated last year stayed at the Marine Science Centre. Ryan is returning to Race Rocks this month to do research for Mt.Allison Univ. on the macroalgal community.

See one video on Pterygophora which was one part of his project here: They conducted daily live and prerecorded webcasts with Garry Fletcher from the intertidal and from underwater using camera 4.


Garry Fletcher Biology/Diving faculty

For one of the webcasts we were joined by Sean LeRoy, Graduate Researcher, Georgia Basin Futures Project Sustainable Development Research Institute, University of British Columbia and Dr.James Tansey also of UBC. They came to participate in the webcast with Garry and Ryan on Marine Protected Areas in new Zealand and Canada with Tim Langlois, Leigh Marine Laboratory University of Auckland, and Anne Saloman, University of Washington, Zoology Department.

On three days we hosted small groups of students from local elementary schools who served as proxies in webcasts done for their classmates.

Support for the Race Rocks 02 Project came from the Johan Ashuvud Race Rocks Memorial Fund
Below are some of the Videos produced by the crew during the week.

benframes kids octopuss
Ben’s movie put together during the week. June 2002 field trip: for a live webcast with the crew, of the grade six students from West-Mont school . One morning we found the body of an octopus washed up in the intertidal zone. An impromptu dissection led to this video.

Sunset on Race Rocks Video

Race Rocks, with its location in the Strait Juan de Fuca, often gets illuminated in the evening by sunsets such as this one. It adds to the beauty of the site and reminds one of the importance of protecting such a place. In this video, the Pearson College Choir accompanies the video with the singing of the ‘Skidigate Love Song’. This video was made and edited by Jean-Olivier Dalphond (PC 26) in June 2001.

Saltwater Images of Race Rocks and music of Holly Arntzen

When Race Rocks was declared Canada’s first Marine Protected Area, Holly Arntzen offered Pearson College the opportunity to use some of her songs as video backgrounds. Her CD entitled “The Salish Sea” is about the fading beauties of the oceans and it stresses the importance of their protection.

Using the song “Saltwater” as a background, this video shows images of divers and the bull kelp, Nereocystis leutkeana, a species of brown algae present in high density throughout the summer and fall at Race Rocks. Their lamina provide a special protective canopy for a delicate ecosystem with many species of invertebrates and fish under their canopy. This video was filmed and edited by Jean-Olivier Dalphond (PC yr26) and Damien Guihen (PC yr27) in June 2001.

Coast Guard Helicopter replaces Generator

For maintenance purposes, the Canadian Coast Guard is replacing one of the generators necessary to power Race Rocks. This piece of equipment is a 25kW Diesel generator located in the engine room situated in the southern part of the island. Hopefully, in the next decade, we will be able to switch to renewable energy to move a step further toward our goal of sustainability for the islands and protection of the environment.

This video was made by Ryan Murphy and Paulina Ponce de Leon in October of 2000

OUTPOST- A video About Pearson College and Race Rocks

This video was filmed by Alan Bibby in 1997. It features a visit by Dr.Joe McInnis to the islands to dive with students of Lester B. Pearson College.
Narration by Angus Matthews.

Marine Education Centre
See this file with stills and the script from OUTPOST