Busy eco guardian : Alumni reunnion


We had a pretty calm weather those last days from no wind to 25 knots in the evening at the most. Some fog like on Wednesday morning the 10th but mainly sunny most of the time and calm with a pretty good visibility.


We had the pleasure to welcome another female Elephant seal on Tuesday but only for a short time and pretty soon they were all gone. 4 guess made a come back ;otherwise the island is getting noisier and smell bad! The Sea lions mainly californian but some Steeler too, are coming closer and closer but not as numerous as they were last year. Some eagles around once in awhile.The gull chicks get big now,they are trying to fly but not ready yet.


Watching boats and some diving boats (2 the same day) and closed to the rocks . Planes over on the weekend.We also have 4 times a day since Saturday loaded with alumni from the college . They came around the Rocks but not ashore.


Guy chopped more wood for winter.He got all the electrical fence posts ready around the student’s house and he went to the college to help for the sailing activity.On the 10th he prepared the batteries and made sure that they were full of water . it took  2 hours to fill up every of them ( total of 96  ) The generator has been working for 3 hours . Tomorrow we will have an Electrician for a general check up of the Race Rocks electrical system.


Kyle brought some peat moss for the compost and a brand new seawater pump.