Bull Elephant Seal

Ecological Happenings

  • Today a older bull Elephant Seal was noticed on middle rocks. He is accompanied by two much smaller looking Elephant Seals. We have lost track of the others who haven’t been seen since last week’s storm.
  • Canada Geese, have also not been seen since the storm.

Marine Vessels

  • One tour boat today.
  • Navy vessel and helicopter, beyond the reserve.


  • Removed the last of the electric fence – the aesthetics on the island have improved!
  • Boat maintenance. The wires connecting the battery to the engine were corroded. An interim solution has been put in place, until a new part is ordered.


  • We are on the prowl for an eco-guardian to step in for 3 weeks. If you are interested please contact Chris Blondeau at Pearson College.
  • As the current eco-guardians, we are wrapping up for the end of our shift on Nov 30th.