Branded Sealions

Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 11.7 ºC »» Min. 8.0 ºC »» Reset 10.3 ºC »» Rain 0.4 mm
MARINE LIFE: California Sea Lion hauled out in group of about 80 ( 11 Northern ) has a brand # 823 and a yellow front flipper tag # 925.The Sea Lions are still being disturbed by boats approaching too close especially along the east tip of North Rocks and along the north shore of Gr. Race. They are very used to us coming and going along the dock, in fact there are 3 that particularly like the last step on the dock as a haul out spot and often stay put as we come alongside in the boat.Unfortuately the mess they leave behind does not always wash away with the high tide! Four Black Oyster Catchers spent several hours along the east ridge but were very quiet and did not see any of them feeding, mostly resting on one foot with bills tucked under their wings.
HUMAN INTERACTION: There were 11 pleasurecraft, 2 dive boats ( 1 charter, 1 milatary dive club ) also the LGL crew via zodiac – preparing for monitoring the DND blasting exercises tomorrow.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Overcast »» Vis. 10 Miles »» Wind West 7 Knots »» Sea Rippled
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