Boats in the Ecological Reserve 2011

‘2011-01-26′, ’12:08:45’, ‘Disruption’, ‘Plane’, ‘n/a’, ‘A commercial float plane made low-altitude overflights both away and towards Victoria.  A photo was captured on the return flight and the company’s management informed of the infraction.’, ‘Ryan’, ’12:08:36′),
‘2011-02-18′, ’14:19:48’, ‘Disruption’, ‘Boat’, ”, ‘Eagle Wing passing through, disrupted 10- 15 sealions on South East Rock, all took to the water as the vessel approached within 100m. ‘, ‘Raisa’, ’14:23:12′),
‘2011-02-19′, ’12:43:04’, ‘Disruption’, ‘Other’, ”, ‘Visiting students got too close to the male elephant seal that was moving around the Science Centre today at noon.  I observed them with the remote camera #1 and reiterated our non-interference policy.’, ‘Ryan’, ’12:44:14′),
‘2011-02-28′, ’08:41:58’, ‘Disruption’, ‘Plane’, ‘n/a’, ‘What I believe was the same plane made two low passes (W then E) over the Reserve in less than an hour this morning.  It was a small commercial sea plane without wheels on the pontoons.’, ‘Ryan’, ’08:42:59′),
(95, ‘2011-03-04′, ’09:08:44’, ‘Disruption’, ‘Boat’, ‘C-GHZP’, ‘A Pat Bay Air completing marine mammal surveys for DFO flew low through the reserve alerting a Steller Sea Lion and disturbing seabirds.’, ‘Ryan’, ’16:09:48′),
(96, ‘2011-03-15′, ’13:57:50’, ‘Speed’, ‘Boat’, ‘POW’, ‘A wildlife viewing vessel from Victoria sped through the reserve SE->NW to meet up with another POW zodiac in Race Passage.’, ‘Ryan’, ’13:59:45′),
ENTERED in LOG-(97, ‘2011-03-22′, ’11:50:03’, ‘Too Close’, ‘Other’, ‘2 kayaks’, ‘Two gentlemen, one wearing orange in a black kayak the other wearing red in a yellow kayak entered the reserve to surf the strong ebb currents.  Their course took them within 1m of the rocks, grazing submerged rocks on the E side of Great Race.  Their recreational activities disturbed  Harlequin ducks (6), Pigeon guillemots (21), and Black Oystercatchers (2) who were foraging in this area.’, ‘Ryan’, ’11:53:53′),
(98, ‘2011-04-03′, ’13:23:01’, ‘Speed’, ‘Boat’, ‘on record’, ‘A fishing vessel sped through the reserve both to and from the halibut fishing area SE of the reserve.’, ‘Ryan’, ’09:23:59′),
(99, ‘2011-04-03′, ’15:24:02’, ‘Too Close’, ‘Boat’, ‘EW’, ‘Photos of this vessel violating professional and federal ecotour guidelines are on record.’, ‘Ryan’, ’09:25:13′),
(100, ‘2011-04-06′, ’15:19:17’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Boat’, ‘Five Star Superc’, ‘This ecotour vessel sped through the southern and western areas of the reserve before appropriately slowing below 7 knots to enter the channel between Middle and West Rocks, then Middle and Great Race Rocks.’, ‘Ryan’, ’15:20:55′),
(101, ‘2011-05-01′, ’10:00:00’, ‘Too Close’, ‘Plane’, ‘Pat Bay Air C-FG’, ‘Cessna plane, 1 pob. Flew low over the SW corner of Race then out over the Strait. Five seals were hauled out on the rocks directly beneath the flyover. ‘, ‘Adam’, ’07:10:30′),
(102, ‘2011-05-02′, ’15:57:53’, ‘Speed’, ‘Boat’, ‘Victoria Fire De’, ‘Yesterday morning (2 May 2011) at 1045hrs PDT, Victoria Fire Rescue Boat #1 entered Race Rocks Ecological Reserve (refer to CHS Chart 3461) at a speed greater than 7 knots. The vessel entered the SW corner of the Reserve, proceeded to travel along the northern side of West Race Rock and North Race Rock within the limits of the BC Ecological Reserve, exited at the NE corner and headed towards Victoria Harbour. \r\n\r\nDeputy Chief Paul Bruce of the Victoria Fire Department was notified of the infraction via email.’, ‘Adam’, ’15:59:24′),
(103, ‘2011-05-05′, ’15:50:12’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Boat’, ’25K 5588′, ‘At approximately 1200hrs 5 May 2011, a white fibreglass vessel entered the Reserve at high speed in the channel between Middle Rock and North Rock. The vessel, with three beer-consuming persons on board, proceeded to fish around North Rock for two hours before moving to the northeastern side of Great Race. Fishing continued at this location for approximately one half hour until the vessel motored at high speed back to the channel between North and Middle Race. Fishing began again and continued for approximately one quarter hour before the vessel departed at high speed in the direction of Victoria Harbour.\r\n\r\nAttempts were made to hail the vessel on VHF 68 and VHF 16. Calls were not returned.\r\n\r\nThis incident was reported to the DFO Fisheries Violation Reporting Hotline.’, ‘Adam’, ’15:58:14′),
(104, ‘2011-05-13′, ’20:42:46’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Boat’, ‘OBMG Rental Boat’, ‘A boat with four persons of Asian descent this morning entered the Reserve at approximately 0815hrs PDT. The vessel began to fish on the western side of Great Race before moving to the northern fringe of the Reserve. At approximately 1030hrs PDT the RR station boat was launched to head into PC and the Guardians slowed to photograph the violators while passing by. Coincidentally, and thanks to a call by the Guardians to Pedder Bay Marina, a PBM staff boat had arrived on scene to discipline the violators. The incident was resolved when the boat left the Reserve at approximately 1045hrs PDT.’, ‘Adam’, ’20:47:18′),
(105, ‘2011-05-13′, ’20:47:21’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Boat’, ‘OBMG Rental Boat’, ‘At approximately 1630hrs PDT, a rental boat was spotted fishing on the western fringe of the Reserve. As the RR station boat was already on the water to supervise a dive, the vessel was approached and the violators were educated about the RCA restrictions. The incident was resolved when the vessel departed the RCA. ‘, ‘Adam’, ’21:02:04′),
(106, ‘2011-05-13′, ’21:05:27’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Boat’, ‘BC2817713’, ‘At approximately 1915hrs PDT, a zodiac RHIB was spotted fishing on the western side of Great Race. The incident was resolved when the station vessel was launched and the violators were asked to leave.’, ‘Adam’, ’21:07:23′),
(107, ‘2011-05-13′, ’21:07:27’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Boat’, ‘4G14098’, ‘At 1915hrs PDT an aluminum runabout was spotted fishing on the western side of West Race. The station vessel was launched and the vessel was asked to leave. As they pulled up their lines, a lingcod was brought up on one of the lines. It was released as the POB stated they were practicing catch and release. The incident was resolved when the vessel departed the Reserve.’, ‘Adam’, ’21:09:34′),
‘2011-09-22′, ’16:40:29’, ‘Too Close’, ‘Plane’, ‘C-GBSR’, ‘Low E to W flight over the N half of the reserve’, ‘Ryan’, ’08:24:58′),
‘2011-10-20′, ’14:04:17’, ‘Disruption’, ‘Boat’, ‘Prince of Whales’, ‘This boat approached North Race and displaced 75 Brandt and Pelagic cormorants.’, ‘Ryan’, ’14:05:03′),
‘2011-10-28′, ’13:16:30’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Other’, ‘na’, ‘bc’, ‘Ryan’, ’13:16:42′);