boats and planes

At 1230hrs PDT a vessel (13K 116013) was observed entering the Reserve under high speed from the west. Within 100 metres of Great Race, the vessel slowed, passed near Rosedale Reef, then turned around and sped back out to the west under high power.

Mid-afternoon, a vessel was spotted drifting into the NW side of the Reserve while fishing. The vessel departed after about 10 minutes.

At ~1515hrs PDT a red eco-tour zodiac (company name not visible) transited the main channel from E to W at a speed greater than 7 knots and fast enough to keep the vessel up on a plane.

At 1533hrs PDT a floatplane passed from E to W over the north side of the Reserve.

At ~1600hrs PDT a whale watching vessel approached closer than 100 metres to a California sea lion hauled out near the derrick. The vessel was actually within the kelp bed off the rocks. Upon sighting me [Adam] the vessel backed off and sped through the main channel to the west. After passing between West Race and Middle Race, the vessel throttled up well within the limits of the Reserve.

Posted by Adam