Boats and Planes disturb the marine life.

Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 15.7 ºC »» Min. 8.8 ºC »» Reset 12.1 ºC
MARINE LIFE: Still quite a few birds in the area feeding, counted over 130 Cormorants, most of them on North Rks. and the rocks to the southeast.The ones on North Rks. were scared several times by boats going by but the sea lions for the most part were undisturbed.One boat that comes into the reserve about once a week, a Lifetimer 14K 38596 did approach too close and 5 or 6 Sea Lions took to the water, many others were alerted and moved towards the water but as the boat moved back they settled back down.At about 11:45 an Ultralight made several passes over Gr. Race at times too low, scaring some sea lions into the water and most of the birds took flight. The aircraft was black with orange and yellow trim-C-1FQC
HUMAN INTERACTION: The observers from LGL spent the day in the tower and departed just after 17:00. There were 11 Ecotour boats, 6 pleasurecraft and the 1 research boat (Lifetimer) in the reserve today.  Hyaku (Chris) over from campus to return the station boat-repairs completed.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:14 PM