Boat Mania


  • Visibility: 15 miles (except foggy towards Victoria in the A.M.)
  • Wind: 0-10 knots South
  • Water: rippled
  • Sky: sunny

Golden Sunset


Cormorants and Sea Lions


  • Cleaned the solar panels.
  • Provided two canoeists with duct tape to help repair their broken paddle.


  • As befits a very lovely Saturday, there were numerous boats in or near the reserve all day.
  • A diving boat was out at Middle Rock and it seemed as though they sent down some divers.
  • Two sailboats passed through the SW corner of the reserve.
  • One fishing boat passed through Middle Channel.
  • The very large catamaran eco-tour was back.
  • A couple of young lads in a canoe came up the ramp. I sent them on their way, but not before a rest and some help with their broken paddle.


  • The aforementioned canoeists were on shore near the ramp for a little while as they rested and fixed their paddle.