Biotic Asociations at Race Rocks

The California Sea Cucumber exhibits an escape response when approached by the Sunflower Star.

barnacle and musselMussels have a number of associations. Check this page in the taxonomy for other examples.
barnacle The whale barnacle living as a commensal on Gray Whales
You will find below a set of photos from our photo archives depicting two or more organisms in a biotic association. These associations fall into one of several categories: mutualism, commensalism, parasitism etc. By going through the many organisms in the Race Rocks Taxonomy, you will find explanations for these and other biotic associations.
Coraline Algae and Epiactis Boring Sponge (Cliona) and Purple- Hinged Rock Scallop (Hinnites) Cup Coral (Balanophyllia) Epiactis and Encrusting Algae (Lithothamnion)
Basket Star and Sea Urchin Basket Star and Pink Soft Coral Gersemia Abalone (Haliotis) and Lithothamnion
Anthopleura xanthogramica with internal green coccoid algae Brittle Star and Kelp Holdfast Brittle Star
Nudibranch and the orange hydroid Garveia Swimming Scallop and Encrusting Sponge Scallop with blue eyes