Bertha returns

Wind was gusting up to 45 NMPH W overnight, blowing 30 NMPH in the morning and diminished to calm by afternoon. The sky cleared up during the day.

Bertha arrived back on Great Race today, she looks good and pretty big. In 2011 she gave birth to a pup (Squall)  here on January 14. The other elephant seals are on Middle rock, it looks like 4 females and Chunk out there. There seemed to be another large female next to Chunk.

See the Elephant seal Index for other Elephant seal births at Race Rocks

A coast guard helicopter flew over in the morning, one ecotour vessel entered the reserve in the afternoon.

-cleaned panels
-replaced flag
-finished month end report
-did animal census
-cleaned cam 5 dome
-gathered drift wood from East shore
-cut, chopped wood