Bald Eagles and Sea Lion Bones

The wind blew from the south, switching around to the east and north, by the mid afternoon.  The velocity of the wind hovered between 9 to 15 knots, during the daylight hours.  The barometer dropped from 1027 hPa to 1018 hPa.  The sky was overcast, with rain in the afternoon.  The temperature was 8oC for most of the day, dropping from 10oC yesterday.

There were no boats seen in the reserve today.

This morning, nine bald eagles were in reserve at one time:  four adults and five juvenile. They made at least one kill of a gull, just below the high point of the island, northwest of camera 5.

During a beachcombing exploration this afternoon, I found a partially decomposed sea lion carcass.  It appeared to be a steller sea lion, based on the appearance of the fur and flippers.  It was near where I had found other sea lion bones a few weeks ago.  The bones had been mostly cleaned by gulls and insects.  It looked fairly recent, because the fur was still intact and attached to several parts of the skeleton.