Bald Eagle takes seagull

Monday, December 03, 2001
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max 7.1C — Min 4.3 Reset 4.7C — Rain 0.6 mm
Marine Life:Three mature Bald Eagles arrived in the area this morning about 11:15 ,one perched on the ‘look-out’ log on N.Rks while the other two shared a high point on the SE Rocks. all was quiet for over an hour when one of the two took flight, circled the rock twice,swooped behind the rock and reappeared with an immature gull in it’s talons.As the eagle with the gull landed the other two eagles started harassing the successful hunter to the point the it flew off leaving the now dead gull.I expected to see the other two eagles move in on the prey however they just remained on the ridge about a metre away from the gull just watching.Finally the third eagle came back,the other two took flight and the three eagles spent about 5 minutes flying at each other often with their talons out-stretched.At last one eagle left the fray swooped down made an unsuccessful grab for the gull then just continued flying north towards Pedder Bay.The other two flew over to West Race, sat there about 10 minutes then flew off towards Whirl Bay.Why the eagles left the gull I don’t know but it did not go to waste as the ever vigilant crows soon moved in for a meal!
A Great Blue Heron spent 11/2 hours in the East Bay area just below the tower then flew off towards Pedder Bay.Also a group of Black Oyster Catchers arrived just at sunset and settled among the rocks on the east side of Gr. Race.
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Good morning
WEATHER: Sky Cloudy — Vis. 15 Miles — Wind West 7 Knots — Sea Rippled — Occasional Light Rain Shower
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