Back on the Rock

Well it is good to be back on this beautiful little island, though the 100 California Sea Lions cuddling under my window are a tad boisterous and noisy. More arrive everyday…

Dozens of California Sea Lions around the house

The Steller Sea Lions tend to congregate on the south side of the island near the engine room. They truly are magnificent creatures, sort of the equivalent of an ocean grizzly bear. In fact I think “lions” is a misnomer and we should call them “Sea Bears”. What do you think?

Steller Bull congregation

Currently 5 young elephant seals are making good use of the boat ramp. Word is getting out amongst the species that this is a good place to relax and to get your picture on the Internet!

Young Elephant Seal

Perhaps because it is Labour Day weekend and the weather is so nice, there are lots of boats in and around the reserve. Sadly quite a few violate the rules about fishing or speeding in the reserve and unfortunately there is little I can do, except wave or gesticulate at them. Launching my boat is rarely an option, unless I want to disturb the elephant seals, and the boats that are speeding are long gone… As much as I dislike signage, we might be wise to post “No Fishing” and “5 knots” signs to alert the ignorant. It is hard to blame someone who doesn’t know the guidelines.

Many thanks to Julie who worked diligently over the summer to maintain the infrastructure and keep a close eye on things. She is off to southern climes for adventure and learning.