5 -1= 4

Exceptional weather those last days: no wind, flat sea, sun.
Young gulls get bigger than the adults maybe because of a fluffy undercoat. They are almost ready to fly for good and they even sometimes attack the adults. When we came back from Pearson College on the 10th we found a young goose dead on the side of the water-sampling house, almost inside the old tree boat. Now we have only four of them. First we couldn’t tell what was the story behind but after a closed look we discovered a very neat, clean hole in the neck. It was clear that the bird was not killed for food but had been attacked. It’s not sure but the gulls could have done it: a territorial conflict.
We saw in the distance going towards the open ocean a really huge barge charged with a 4 or 5 five floors building! Maybe it was for an oil platform somewhere in the coast. We never saw something big like this one before. Speaking about boats around Race Rocks we have counted around 20 Sea lions watchers each day. The Sea lions get slowly closer. They are so beautiful and some pretty big. We saw one with a flasher. A few ones have a green tag and one have a big number on its skin