Geese on the rock

Like yesterday it has been foggy early in the morning so good for us:damp solar panel and quicker job. 4 Californian sea lions were on the jetty in the morning so we prepared the electricity gate and everything is now ready to work. The forecast was wind between 25 and 35 for the evening.

Many chicken have been practicing their flying exercises and it ‘s funny to see the oldest one closed to the youngest; maybe 3 weeks difference between the 2. We have a geese issue: I discovered 2 days ago that they were drinking in the water bucket under the solar panel. The problem is that we have found a real mess around the diesel tank even if the spot had been cleaned with water. And the worst it’s new geese arrived late in the afternoon. We wondered if those one were not the other family that was here in June? Any way maybe the brown bucket will be empty. Too bad we love those busy creatures!

34 knots around 7:30PM and the forecast for the 3rd: very windy. Interesting to have a look on the website: windyty .com