2 new residents on the rocks

Weather: 21 knots early rising 25 knots in the afternoon – Air temperature: 12 degrees Celsius -Water 12 degrees too. Barometric pressure: 1014 (HPA).
Birds: I saw a blue heron attacked by gulls so he left for the south Island and a fly of 20 cormorants. A big bloody chicken was under the diesel tank. This made a total of 9 dead found chickens.
Noemi and Catherine arrived for their 15 days of summer services. They came with Courtney and Chris. We went around and help them to settle in their new house. Courtney checked with Guy the desalinator and the testing they did showed that the membrane needed to be changed. After that they looked at the connections for the electrical fence and decided the spots needed protection from the sea lion’s invasion, especially around the 2 houses and the crane. The old ladder went ashore and will be replaced by a new stainless steel one.