August 13 Update

Slowly the sea lions, both Stellar and California, are making their way to the main island from West Race Rocks. I’ve decided to take regular shots of their progress. The first image is August 7, after the first night of their arrival, and the next is of August 10.

7 August 2012

10 August 2012

The second is a notably less clear image because of the fog. Over the past week the fog has been incredibly thick mostly in the morning and late evenings. Just a few moments after that photo was taken the sea lions disappeared altogether.

The fog provides an obstacle for mariners which is why I was surprised to note half a dozen whale watching boats appear near the jetty at times of less than 50m visibility.

The last image illustrates only a glimpse of how dense the fog can be. It is taken from the tower facing westward.




Fog after sundown, 11 August 2012