Archives: Videos of Science and Education at Race Rocks.

The students of Lester Pearson College are frequently taken to Race Rocks for educational field labs. Pearson College has, since automation in 1997, paid for the staffing and upkeep of the island. These videos portray some of the exercises that are done throughout the year on the island. The college biology and environmental systems classes, students on special projects, and outside researchers make extensive use of the facilities. In addition several videos portray the physical factors that help to make Race Rocks an unusual ecosystem.

 Laura V.  bio trip  ENSY EXAM  Tidepools
 Laura Verhegge’s first year environmental systems class doing their end of term exam at Race Rocks, May 2002.  A session with the biology class by the high tidepools at Race Rocks.  The Environmental Systems Field Exam, May 2000
 April, 2000: Environmental systems classes of LBPC  in  tidepool study on the W.side of Great R.R. This is part of the class report .
OUTPOST VIDEO intertidal
Outpost- A film on the educational activities at Race Rocks Some Intertidal Discussions- Johan Ashuvud week June 2004 Underwater Belt Transect survey. Laura Verhegge and students of Lester B.Pearson College
School Visits
tide flow tide flow
June 2002 field trip: for a live webcast of the grade six students of West-Mont school A school visit by an elementary school in June to Race Rocks Second day of students’ visit in June. Students are shown how the cameras function at racerocks. i
Pearson College Students assist as
tour dailyduties daily life
Race Rocks Tour:English Version
Arabic Version
German Version
Daily Duties For Assistants to the
MPA Guardian
Daily life of the students staying for a project at Race Rocks.

Facilities on the Island and the  MPA.

 compost  taco- energy  MPA Day
 Installation of Composting Toilets at Race Rocks  The future of alternate energy at Race Rocks.
Interview with Taco Niet, Masters student at the University of Victoria
(June 2001)
 Race Rocks is officially declared a Marine Protected Area by Canada’s Ocean’s Minister Herb Dhaliwal and British Columbia’s Environment Minister Joan Sawicki.
Also see the MPA day File.

Underwater Research
at Race Rocks

 abalone  SCOTT WALLACE Alberto  GITAI
 Abalone tagging at Race Rocks with Pearson College graduate Jim Palardy  A dive with Dr. Scott Wallace for the Discovery Channel,
May 7, 2000
 Alberto Lindner of Brazil visits Race Rocks for research on the Hydrocoral Allopora  Dr. Gitai Yahel and research on Ecology of Suspension Feeders

Physical Factors and their Effects on Race Rocks

 tides  Surge Channel  tide flow  Storm at RR
 Tidal Level Variation at Race Rocks  Surge Channel and Surge as an Abiotic Factor  The Flood Current at Race Rocks  Wind Storm at Race Rocks