Archive video: Fish Species of Race Rocks

 kelp greenling  herring  wolf eel  Sculpins feeding
 Kelp Greenling Hexagrammas decagrammus Pacific Herring in a feeding frenzy with Krill : Clupea harengus pallasi  Wolf Eel : Anarrhichthys ocellatus  Tidepool Sculpin eating a mussel Oligocottus maculosus
 illegal fishing  ling cod  cabezon  Black Rockfish
 There is a sports fishing closure in the ecological reserve, however we still get people claiming ignorance of the fact .  Ling Cod Ophidon elongatus  Cabezon: Scorpaenichthyes marmoratus  Black Rockfish: Sebastes melanops
 Tiger rockfish
 Tiger Rockfish Sebastes nigrocinctus