Animal Census Nov 19

The storms that came through RR as well the presence of 12 juvenile Bald Eagles changed numbers on the island. The number of gulls has decreased significantly, and the geese left the island during the storm on Monday. The Elephant Seals have not been seen for several days (there were 8 in previous counts). The number of Cormorants has increased. Number of Sea Lions continues to decrease – less Californias, although the count of Stellers is higher. Higher Steller count may be due to them being mostly on the main island and easier to count.

Steller Sea Lion 426
California Sea Lion 352
Harbour Seal 83
Elephant Seal 0 (over the last 5 days the 8 have not been seen)
Cormorant 495
Gull 373
Black Turnstone 12
Raven 2
Harlequin Duck 15
Spotted during the week
Bald Eagle 12 (4 today)
Dunlin 2
Sparrows 10
Canada Goose 22 (Left during the storm)
Surfbirds 7
Oyster Catcher 15