Animal Census Day


Lovely day on RR. Strong swell along the coast of the reserve. Winds of around 5kts in varying directions throughout the day. The barometer was mostly consistent at around 102.5. Light winds forecast for tonight and Friday, otherwise another sunny day ahead.

Boat activity

  • Five tour boats
  • Three pleasure crafts

Ecological happening

  • Strong currents and large ocean swell on the coast of the reserve


  • Don replaced the water pump in the student house
  • Old water filter replaced in the student house to ensure clean water is being consumed on the island!


  • Courtney Edwards (Pearson’s Waterfront Officer) arrived with some supplies and was accompanied by a volunteer


Steller Sea Lions 305
California Sea Lions 647
Harbour Seals 25
Elephant Seals 10
Cormorants 140
Gulls 2648
Bald Eagle 1
Canada Goose 2
Spotted during the week
Whales (likely Humpback) 3 (apprx 2nm from reserve)
Dunlin 3
Killdeer 3
Black Turnstone 15
Sparrows 12
Oyster Catcher 9