Animal Census

Clear skies, variable light to no wind. Force 0.
Barometer is falling. Forecast is for light to moderate Easterlies.

9 tour boats
2 recreational fishing boats passed through

Animal Census
Steller Sea lion: 24
California Sea lion: 8
Elephant Seal:30
Harbour Seal: 111
Eagle: 3
Canada Goose: 39 adults, 8 goslings
Gull: 180
Oyster Catcher: 10
White Fronted Goose: 1
Pigeon Guillemots: 34

This is the highest number of Elephant seals we have ever counted in the reserve. This morning there were 2 juvenile eagles, and one adult. I have found 3 Oyster Catcher nests: one by the Keeper’s House, one on the bluff West of the jetty, and one on the rocks by the energy building. The Cackling goose is gone. I took the boat past the West bluffs yesterday on my way home and there is no sign of Pigeon Guillemot nesting yet.

This is a portrait gallery of all of the Elephant seals that were on Great Race today.

-Cleared plants in front of solar panels
-Worked on mounting brackets for VHF antenna for Science house
-Wrapped the pry bar so it doesn’t scrape the coating on the boat trailer
-Ran desalinator off PV panels

The inverter issue has gone quiet. Not sure why it started, and no idea why it stopped. I’ll add it to the list of things to keep an eye on.