Strong Westerlies, clear skies. Force 4-5
Barometer is falling again, with a strong West wind warning overnight.
The Washington Marine text forecast has not been updating since yesterday.

4 tour boats
3 halibut boats on the edge of the reserve

RIP Farley Mowat: acclaimed Canadian author, and ardent environmentalist.

I saw another pair of Canada geese with a single gosling today. There are now 3 goslings in total. I realized the other day that there are no Black Turnstones around any more, I guess they’ve gone North for the summer breeding season. There is a pair of Oyster catchers setting up shop on the steep slope East of the jetty, I hope they make a nest there where it is easy for me to observe them. The Cackling goose and White Fronted goose are both still on Great Race. The animal highlight of the day was a mystery bird. It was up really high above Great Race when I first came out this morning. It was mostly white underneath and was clearly an offshore bird because it had that albatross-esque silhouette. It made a really awkward, throaty sound, almost like a heron. On the Race Rocks species page the only offshore birds list are the Sooty Shearwater and the Laysan Albatross. The Shearwater is ruled out because it is grey underneath, so my best guess is that this morning I saw a Laysan albatross.

-Trouble shooting temperature issues on inverter 1
-Finished leak repair on outside of Science house door
-Washed Keeper’s house windows