Alaria nana: The Race Rocks Taxonomy


Alaria nana desiccating at low tide. Alaria photos by Ryan Murphy

Alaria nana
Description: The plant is olive brown to yellowish-brown in colour with a conspicuous blade(eroded at maturity), stipe, and holdfast.         The holdfast is made up of short, firm root-like structures and is 3-7cm. long, 5-8 mm. in diameter, merging into a slightly compressed rachis 2-4 cm. long. The rachis in turn merges into the blade, which is linear, tapering gradually to the apex and abruptly tothe rachis; the blade is 40-60 cm. long and 3-8 cm. wide with a conspicuous, solid percurrent midrib 4-6 mm. wide.

Habitat:           On rocks in the middle and upper intertidal zones in exposed areas.
Kingdom: Chromista
Phylum: Phaeophyta
Class: Phaeophyceae
Order: Laminariales
Family: Alariaceae
Genus: Alaria
Species: nana
Robert Scagel, 1972
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