Airplane disruptions again

‘Disruption’, ‘Plane’, ‘PatBay Air’, ‘I am guessing the same plane made it’s third low pass over the island today around just before 11:00.’, ‘Ryan’, ’20:35:41′

-2009-11-10′, ’10:43:09′, ‘Disruption’, ‘Plane’, ‘C-GHZP’, ‘A PatBay Air craft made it’s 4th or 5th low altitude flight directly over Great Race Island today. The first such incident was reported to us by kayakers who were here enjoying the reserve. They noted that the overflight caused a marine mammal disturbance, and the 3 that I have documented have all involved marine mammal disturbances. Last Sunday was the last time there was such an incident and as such these incidents are occurring with an increasing frequency.’, ‘Ryan’, ’10:46:02′