Race Rocks MPA Advisory Board

This file is presented for the purpose of providing ongoing public access to the process involved in the creation of the Marine Protected Area at Race Rocks.It was made available to the RRAB board in 2010. editing and updating links took place in December 2013.

Minutes of the  Race Rocks Public Advisory Board  meeting are supposed to be in the Archives of Fisheries and Oceans Canada: http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/consultation/oceans/rocher-race-rocks/docs/min-pv/2011-03-30-eng.htm However, we have trouble finding them there ( they keep disappearing!) so they are included here for archival purposes: (G. Fletcher)
September 2009 to March 2011 Race Rocks Advisory Board Documents:
In September 2009, the Race Rocks Advisory Board was called together for another round of advisory meetings, 10 years after the first talks ( see below) began.
1. September 25th, 2009:  meeting Agenda
2. September 25th 2009 meeting#1  Minutes
3. Presentation on History of past RRAB efforts in 2000
4. Socio-Economic Base Case Update for RR Proposed MPA 2009
5. Terms of Reference: RRPAB
5b Terms of reference  DFO final version.
6. November 26th 2009 meeting #2 —
7. DFO response to RRPAB recommendations of April 24
8. Values Input table of all stakeholders submitted
9. March 25 2010 Values Input table submitted by Lester Pearson College
10. MPA benefits reference:
11. DFO Race Rocks Proposed Marine Protection Area Consultations ( this reference is no longer carried by DFO??)
12. March 24, 2010 Agenda and Minutes meeting #3
12b. Summary Report ( Delaney) for meeting #3
12c. Essential Requirements for the Race Rocks MPA from the Point of View of the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve Warden
13. Race Rocks MPA DFO expenses 2002-2010
14. April 24 RRPAB recommendations to DFO
15. April 2010 Reflections on the Role of Education and Outreach in the MPA Designation Process, 1998-2010.
15. Documents important for the consideration of the RRPA Board
16. Case Study ( Vancouver Island University)  on Race Rocks MPA process
17. May 28, 2010 RRAB Meeting #4 Minutes
18. Sept  28, 2010 PDF of Presentation by DFO  Update Pacific Area of Interest Race Rocks
19. November 23, 2010 Minutes of Meeting #5 2010-11-23
20. November 23 , 2010_DFO : Conservation Objectives and Activities
21. November , 2010. Draft Management Plan

22. Social, Economic and Cultural Overview, November 2010
23. November, 2010 RRPAB Ecological Overview Draft .
24. November, 23, 2010 RRPAB presentation to meeting #5
25. March 30  2011 Race Rocks Public Advisory meetiing #6 agenda and minutes
26  Update on MPA process, February, 2013


ARCHIVES: 1999 to 2002: Race Rocks Advisory Board Documents

1. Agenda for the first meeting of the Race Rocks Advisory Board (RRAB) 01/Dec./1999
2. Minutes of the first meeting of the Advisory Board 01/Dec./1999
3. Terms of Reference for the RRAB
4. Stakeholder groups to be consulted as of 06/Dec./1999
5. Agenda for the second meeting of the RRAB -05/Jan./2000
6. The Thirteen Moons seminar – 21/12/1999
7. Minutes of the second meeting of the RRAB -05/Jan
8. Draft Management Plan of the Ecological Reserve/MPA ( See #44 for newer version)
9. Maps and Charts of the Pilot Marine Protected Area
10. Draft Minutes of the third meeting of the RRAB – 26/Jan/2000
11. Agenda for the fourth meeting of the RRAB – 23/Feb./200
12. Minutes of Fourth Meeting of the RRAB -23/Feb./2000
13. “Recommendations on Race Rocks reserve to be in minister’s hands by month’s end” –
14. Race Rocks and Ecotourism– Louise Murgatroyd–Dalhousie University
15. The Beecher Bay Ceremony March 9, 2000
16. Agenda for the fifth meeting of the RRAB
17. Minutes of the fifth meeting of the RRAB
18. RRAB Minutes of the June 22 Meeting at Dunsmuir Lodge
19. DRAFT Race Rocks Marine Protected Area Feasibility Report and Recommendations
20. Proposal to Designate XwaYeN (RaceRocks) Marine Protected Area
21. Official Designation of Race Rocks as Canada’s First Marine Protected Area Sept.14 2000
22. Candidate Marine Protected Areas- Canadian Waters
22b.Candidate MPAs Pacific Region
23. The Marine Protected Areas Home Page
24. Herb Dhaliwal :Announcing The Designation of Race Rocks as Canada?s First Marine Protected Area
25. DFO BACKGROUNDER: RACE ROCKS ? XwaYeNA Success Story for Community and Stakeholder Involvement- Sept 14 2000
26. Joint Federal and Provincial Government News Release of Sept 14 2000- Dhaliwal and Sawicki Endorse Race Rocks as Canada’s First  Marine Protected Area.
27. Marine Protected Areas and Fishery Closures in BC, by Glen Jamieson and Joanne Lessard, DFO.PBS, Nanaimo,
28. CANADA GAZETTE Oct 28,2000- XwaYeN (Race Rocks) Marine Protected Area Regulations
29.The Whale Watch Operators Association North West Guidelines. 2000–Updated version 2009
30. Minutes of the seventh meeting of the RRAB
31. Proposal to Federal govt. for support of the Race Rocks MPA
32. Proposal to Provincial govt.for support of the Race Rocks MPA
33. Update to Stakeholders, May 6, 2001
34. Whale Watcher’s Guide – Page 1, Page 2 ——
35. Permit Procedures File
36. Regulations for using the Race Rocks Marine Research Centre
37. Vessel Traffic Statistics at Race Rocks
38. Race Rocks Advisory Board Meeting #8 December 6, 2001
39. The Race Rocks Ecological Reserve Management Plan—-2002
40. LeRoy, S., 2002. Public Process and the Creation of a Marine Protected Area at Race Rocks, British Columbia. Master’s Thesis. School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
41. Leroy,Dobell,Dorcey and Tansey, 2003, Public Process and the Creation of the Race Rocks Marine Protected Area,
42. Race Rocks: From Ecological Reserve to Marine Protected Area: FER Newsletter, Spring 2003: by Sean LeRoy
43. Minutes of Advisory Board meeting #9 Dec 2002
44. Draft Management Plan for MPA
45. Link to DFO Race Rocks Marine Protected Area Site-dropped
46. Link to Marine Protected Area-Area of Interest- Race Rocks
47. Link to the Ecological Reserve Section of BC PARKS- CONSERVATION
49. Race Rocks Pilot Marine Protected Area, An Ecological Overview, Wright and Pringle, IOS 2001 25mb PDF file
50. Pamphlet produced by DFO on Race Rocks MPA
51. Marine Protected Areas  A Strategy for Canada’s Pacific Coast Aug 1998
52. DFO  Vision and Objectives for a MPA Strategy

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