The Ecoguardians at Race Rocks 1997-Present

In 1997 Pearson College UWC   volunteered to BC Parks to take over a long term lease in order to provide a solution to providing protection for the Ecological Reserve and Heritage Lighthouse island.  Along with this lease Pearson College has provided the staff position of an Ecoguardian  to provide a constant human presence on the island. The role of Ecoguardian is not necessarily an easy one and we have found that a job-sharing arrangement works  best. The job description for the last hiring gives an idea of the wide variety of skills needed for such a job. The list below starts with the current Ecoguardian and traces back the position to 1997:

Christine and Guy Ouradou from France served as Ecoguardians in the summer of 2015 and returned in June 2016 to serve for another summer
2016-02-24RileyRiley Strother took over for the early spring term in 2016, and returned for May 2016 for another month. Riley graduated from UVic in December 2015 with a degree in History and Professional Writing. He enjoys the position of Eco-guardian because it incorporates his love of nature, wildlife, the ocean, boats, scientific observation, writing, history, and self sufficiency into his daily routine on the island.
AnneStewartAnne Stewart took over as Ecoguardian from Sept 2014 to November 2014 and the spring term in 2015., fall term 2015 and spring term 2016. Anne has worked at the Bamfield Marine Station for many years, and is the warden for the Baeria Rocks Ecological Reserve.
alexboat2ssAlex Fletcher, has done the December to March term as Ecoguardian. 2012, 2013, 2014. He returned in late December 2015  to be Ecoguardian until the end of January 2016. Alex’s partner Virginie Lavallee  has also spent time relieving during parts of his term at the island. Both are graduates of Lester Pearson College UWC.
JasperReaJasper Rea is the Ecoguardian for the first three weeks of December 2015. Jasper is a Pearson college alumni , year 20 from Scotland. He was a diver who helped with the abalone tagging project in 1995, and is now a senior engineer and partner as an Environmental Engineer with Jasper has been on sabbatical and has just finished volunteering at Pearson College for the fall  term. He was involved in  helping out at the waterfront with diving, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and  maintenance at the docks along with some marine science trips.
Fall 2015: Anne Stewart ( see above)
donandninaDon Macisaac and Nina Yousefpour are the Ecoguardians from September to the end of November, 2015.
Spring 2015: Anne Stewart (see above)
NicktownleyNick Townley took over as Ecoguardian from Anne Stewart for November 2014. Nick had worked as a councillor in Pearson College summer programs for several years. He also returned for a month in the spring of 2015.
Spring and Fall 2014: Anne Stewart (see above)

Julie Bowser, July / August 2012, 2013 and 2014 relieved for the Ecoguardian for the months of July and August. Julie graduated in 2012 from Pearson College.

courtneyCourtney Edwards was the Ecoguardian, doing the September to the end of November term 2013 and the mid-March to end of June term 2013 to the end of December 2015 she was the seafront coordinator at Lester Pearson College.
mrobinson   Mike Robinson Served as Ecoguardian from Sept 2011. to end of Nov.2011, April 2012 to the end of June 2012. September to December 2012, and April to June, 2013.
Fall 2011- Alex Fletcher and Virginie Lavalee (see above)
IMG_0548From December, 2008 to November 2011, Ryan Murphy, Pearson College graduate, served as the Ecoguardian at Race Rocks. He offers on his Flickr site , a up close view of the happenings at Race Rocks above and below water .
raisaRaisa Mirza (Sept..2010-May 2011) also a Pearson College graduate helped out as an Ecoguardian and  has a series of photos taken at Race Rocks on her Flickr site.

Adam Harding (PC alumni) was the relief summer guardian 2009-2011). He has also has provided us with unique island imagery from above and below the surface. Many of his images are also included in our Biodiversity files.

lastkeeperMike and Carol Slater (1997–Nov 2008) Mike and Carol were lighthouse keepers at Race Rocks from 1990 to 1997. Since they worked closely with the college and the ecological reserve, they were asked to take over a staff position as Ecoguardians in 1997.
pambirleyWe consider Pam Birley from Leicester England to be our Honorary Ecoguardian.  See  Pam’s Images of the Ecological Reserve from regular observation on the remote cameras. On this page are links to the monthly and yearly photo diaries taken by Pam. These albums are due to her almost daily commitment since 2004. She has produced a valuable record of events with her unique screen captures from Camera 5, Camera 1 and from the underwater Camera2.