Administration of Race Rocks


racerocksbentinckCurrently, the islands of Race Rocks are Crown Land of the BC Government. BC Parks administers the island as a Provincial Ecological Reserve. It leases to the Canadian Coast Guard, ( a division of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans,) the envelope of land around the light tower, which also includes the vertical solar panel unit and fog horn. BC Parks has given Lester B.Pearson College a 30 year lease to manage the ecological reserve, and all the facilities not leased by the Canadian Coast Guard on the island. The area still remains a Marine Protected Area—Area of Interest. (See the links to MPA  below.)

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Pearson College UWC has since 1997 volunteered to staff the Ecological reserve with a full time Ecoguardian.

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1.  Guidelines For Use of the Ecological Reserve 2. Operating Regulations for the Race Rocks  Marine Centre 3. Management Issues: human disturbances at Race Rocks.
4. First Nations and  the Race Rocks Area 5.The Race Rocks Ecological Reserve Management Plan  6. Permit  applications for research in the reserve
   7.  The “Story” of the Ecological reserve/ Marine Protected Area 8. The Race Rocks Marine Protected Area Advisory Board: Index of Events and Documents. 9. History of the Administrative Philosophy of
10. The Ecoguardians
at Race Rocks
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12. Race Rocks: Legislative Gaps in Protecting Inshore Marine Protected Areas–Ken Dunham (PC Alumni)