A Standoff and a Fight

As mentioned previously, Misery seems to be a bit more aggressive now that Bertha is gone.  Yesterday after chasing the pup around the house he took off after Chiunk, the younger male, who had been lying near the helicopter pad.

Misery chased him onto the rocks to the edge of a cliff.  Chunk was stuck but Misery didn’t seem to want to venture onto the rocks, a standoff ensued.

Eventually Misery gave up and made his way down to the boat ramp and into ocean. Later on Misery was in the water near Middle Rock sounding off his horn.  Chunk  took his time to get off the rocks and eventually made his way to the ramp and into the water.  Just before dark I could see Misery in the water by the jetty and throughout the night I could hear him sounding off.

Sometime during the night Zeke and Misery must have had an encounter and it did not go well for Zeke…