a change in the weather

Friday, March 22, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 8.5 C  Min. 3.9 C  Reset 6.2 C
MARINE LIFE: Well the birds are certainly willing to give this ‘spring thing’ another go, what a difference a day can make.At first light the island was alive with honking geese-2 pair- cheerful Oyster Catchers and 80 to 100 noisy gulls.Amazing how a change in the weather can have such an effect , hope it lasts! 1 of the bull Elephant Seals hauled out again on the boat ramp and over the course of the day moved up by the tank room and seemed not at all stressed by the attention of the human visitors, as long as reasonable distance was maintained of course!
HUMAN INTERACTION: There were 5 Ecotour boats, 3 Pleasure Craft through the M.P.A. 1 College boat with Garry and students arrived in the afternoon also the station boat made a return trip to Pedder Bay.
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Good MorningWEATHER: Sky Cloudy �� Vis. 15 Miles �� Wind North East 11 Knots �� Sea 1 Foot Chop

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