Misery delays boat launch

Julia and Jake cleaning solar panels

Yesterday I left the island around noon to go to campus and returned around 16:00 hrs with Jake.  Erik brought out Julia, Jeanie and Mark in Second Nature. I took Jeanie and Mark back to campus today around 15:00 hrs, it was great to have them out here for a visit. Julia and Jake will be staying out here for a few more days.  They did a great job scrubbing the solar panels today and carried several containers of deionized water across the island to the battery room.  I did some cleaning in the battery room this afternoon.

The eco tour vessel Five Star Fast Cat came into the reserve this morning around 10:30.

Misery left Great Race yesterday around noon, taking his time on the boat ramp while I waited to launch the whaler, and is back on Middle Rock with the ladies.  There were around 10 Sealions on South Rocks today and over 40 cormorants observed on South Rocks, Middle Rocks and the SW side of Great Race.

Misery taking his time on the boat ramp