Orcas and whale watchers

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MARINE LIFE: There were about 50 Cormorants in the reserve today some on North Rks. but the majority along the ridges of the Southeast Rks. There are also over 60 Heermann’s Gulls. The geese family landed for a very short visit- about 15 minutes- but the real excitement was provided by the Orca, believed to be T10 group, transients. First sighted was the large bull near William Head just before 11:00. The Orca spent some time in the entrance to Pedder Bay then moved along the shore of Bentinck Island.After a wait of 10 minutes or so they then surfaced midway between North Rks. and the dock. While watching for the whales we listened to some of the tour boat operators on the VHF reporting the animals movements for the benefit of other boat operators.As the whales made their way heading east in front of the station the ‘Wildcat’ was entering from the west and followed the whales and at one point were so close I thought they were going to run over top of them! The whales moved south along the edge of the kelp bed to the east of Gr. Race then west along the southeast rocks and Gr. Race quite close to shore .2 boats Pr. of Whales (princess) and SeaFun Safaris followed along even though they were well within the reserve’s southern boundary which is the Rosedale buoy.The whales moved through the reserve passed West Race to the Pedder Bay area again and then about 14:00 headed West. At last report they were near Secretary Island. With all the sea lions and seals in the water, some Northern Sea lions in tight groups following quite closely I expected the Orca to have a kill, but then there were all those boats coming and going and staying????? for hours!
HUMAN INTERACTION: There were 4 pleasure craft and 28 Ecotour boats through the reserve today.
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