6-spot the Harbour seal Observed at RR since 2008


6-spot the harbour seal observed by Pam Birley on the rock by the jetty October 9, 2015

A record for long term observation has occurred with Pam Birley of Lesteshiire England observing over a period of 7 years a certain harbour seal she named 6-spot because of the distinctive markings. Oddly enough she often gets an image of it from the remote camera 5 in the fall as it lies on the same flat rock near the Jetty.  You can see some of her other observations of it at http://www.racerocks.ca/pam-birley-photo-records/

Pam sent the picture with the note: “Hi Garry,  YES….it is 6-spot !!!!    I got a good clear view this morning as it lay basking below Cam 5.  Here is a picture. First seen 2008 I believe, that makes it seven years !!!    I love it !!!!    Pam