Marine mammal census in April

 April 3, 2003: Did a boat trip around West Race and the Middle rocks and counted 11 Elephant Seals hauled out.There were 3 fairly large males and the rest assorted smaller males and females.The one big fellow that has been hauled out near the boat house for the last few weeks was floating about just off the south tip of the middle rock.There were 5 Northern and 14 California Sea Lions also hauled out with the Elephant seals

April 6, 2003: There were 13 Elephant Seals,12 hauled out on Middle Rock and the one large male floating about close to the shore this afternoon.The Elephant Seals have been joined by about 20 California and 9 Northern Sea Lions

April 14, 2003: There were about 35 California and 9 Northern Sea Lions hauled out on Middle rock with the Elephant Seals.