Bayside Middle School Visits

Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Good Evening:
TEMPERATURE Max 19.5C  Min 7.8C  Reset 19.5C
MARINE LIFE: Some large sea anemones spotted in the low intertidal today, many covered with shell grit as a protective layer from the heat. One Bald eagle sighting this morning, however none this evening. The Geese and Goslings were drinking from the freshwater pond frequently today, a sign of the hotter weather, however raising concerns about the eventual limits of the water supply.
HUMAN IMPACT: Hyaku docked with Garry and five students and their teacher from Bayside Middle School at low tide today. They participated in our live webcast as we showed them the special features of the island’s ecosystems. We have been particularly careful to provide a low-impact program so that the seabirds and seals are not disturbed. Zodiac left during the late evening. 6 ecotourism and three fishings boats through the reserve today. Michael Kiprop returned to Metchosin today to catch his flight home to Kenya tomorrow. We have appreciated his daily commitment to the technical aspects of our live mobile webcasts.
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