A 45 knot West wind hit us last night and brought in large swells from the Pacific all day today.  They were rolling into and over the West side of the jetty all morning and into the afternoon.  Looking out towards the Pacific you could see large sets of waves coming in at intervals of 2 – 5 min. We were unable to launch the whaler in the morning and the group of students coming from the college had to be canceled.

The tilted solar panels seem to be holding up fine in the winds so far.  I have finished topping up the other half the battery bank.  Jake has helped me exchange the old fridge in the main house for a new more efficient one, install some shelving and cabinetry in basement of both houses and continue to clean and organize.

Yesterday at sunset Misery made his way into the water by the jetty.  He was back up behind the boat house this morning.  With the rough seas most sea lions have been in the water today though a few were clinging to helicopter rock this morning and about 10 were hauled out on east rock this afternoon.  3 eco-tour boats came into the reserve this afternoon on the south side.

Another windy one tonight, currently 30 knots east.