Elephant seals spent 45 minutes or so ‘surfing’ in the cresting waves

Monday, April 15, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 8.3 ºC »» Min. 5.0 ºC »» Reset 7.3 ºC »» Rain 1.0 mm
MARINE LIFE: No Bald Eagles today but still 2 pair geese. The weather started out promising but by 9 am there was a fair swell in front of the dock.2 of the smaller elephant seals spent 45 minutes or so ‘surfing’ in the cresting waves. They then moved over to the east bay, floated about for awhile then hauled out for the rest of the day. They have moved about 7metres up from the water so expect they will stay there over night.The sea really started to build when the wind got up to 34knts.Great thundering 4-5 metre swells all around and great salty bursts of spray, especially in the area of the Rosedale reefs and the west side of Gr.Race. Everything is covered in salt -first order of the day for tomorrow will be window washing so hope the wind lets up.
HUMAN INTERACTION: 1 pleasure craft through the reserve. The 2nd Nature came out but with the low tide and sea swell, conditions made a landing at the dock impossible.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Overcast »» Vis. 15 Miles »» Wind Calm »» Sea Rippled
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