7 pairs of Black Oyster Catchers

Sunday, April 21, 2002
Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 11.1 ºC »» in. 7.3 ºC »» Reset 8.7 ºC
MARINE LIFE: 2 mature bald eagles today that spent most of the time on the southeast rocks making several flights around Gr. Race at twilight.Still 3 geese. Observed 7 pairs of Black Oyster Catchers spending considerable time in and around nesting areas but no eggs found as of yet.
HUMAN INTERACTION: 3 Ecotour boats and 5 pleasure craft through the reserve. 1 boat with divers off West Race and just off the north shore of Gr. Race. The weather deteriorated in the afternoon with the wind increasing to 30 knts. from the west,so far it has been a cool windy spring.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:09 PM
Good Morning
WEATHER:Sky Cloudy »»Vis. 15 Miles »» Wind West 19 Knots »» Sea 2 – 3 Foot Chop
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