22-24 Black Oyster Catchers arrive

Monday, January 07, 2002 Good Evening
TEMPERATURE: Max. 13.3C  Min. 8.3C Reset 10.0C Rain 36.2 mm

MARINE LIFE: The bull Elephant Seal is still hauling out on the rocks below the engine room and for a few hours, usually in the morning,floats leisurely along the shore, upright with his head and snout just above the surface. With the fairly light winds we are able to hear his distinctive ‘bellow’ mostly at night. Only one immature Bald Eagle visited today. The fog was very thick and right down to the water surface not the best hunting conditions. 22-24 Black Oyster Catchers arrived on Gr. Race about 11:00am, broke off into pairs and spent 1/2 hour or so in previous years nesting areas.Although they are the first of the birds to nest, January seems too early for serious courting and nest building even with the very mild temperatures!
HUMAN INTERACTION: 2nd Nature arrived approx. 13:45 -a tricky landing at the dock with an ebbing tide and 1-2 metre swells.The supplies ( 8 pails of oil for generator oil change) and 4 passengers were quickly off-loaded and Angus waited off shore until the visitors were ready to be picked up,only an experienced boat driver can manage a landing under these conditions!.2nd Nature returned to campus 14:30.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Obscured  Vis. 1/8 Mile Light Rain and Fog  Wind South 5 Knots  Sea Rippled
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