Project week ends

Saturday, November 10, 2001
PC STUDENTS: Our last full day in the kingdom of Race Rocks. We completed a little repair work on the line to the artificial tide pool as well as covered the pipe that leads to it. Kiprop presented his new film of our week at Race Rocks to our web audience. We enjoyed adding the music to the clips where we felt the tunes were most appropriate and laughed the entire time while making it. Cleaning up is complete and most of us are turning in for an early night. Hannah, Salla and myself (Sarah) are looking forward to the dive tomorrow. It has been a wonderful week even if we all are going to be blackmailed by Kiprop’s sneaky film clips of us at our worst moments. It’s been fun, we survived, ate well, slept lots and managed to get some work done in between. -Sarah
posted by Sarah Gross at 11:58 PM