Early Eagle Appearance

Tuesday, October 30, 2001
Good evening
WEATHER: Max. 9.0ºC — Min. 6.7ºC — Reset 8.9ºC — Rain 3.6 mm
Although the wind got up to 20-22 knots late morning, by 14:00 the cool northerly eased off to a dull rainy afternoon.
MARINE LIFE: There are fewer than 100 Sea Lions hauled out but we have over 500 gulls,Glaucous-winged,Western and a few Herring gulls. We counted 190 Cormorants,mostly on North Rocks.The immature Bald Eagle that spent most of the day on the high point of the rocks just SE of Gr. Race Saturday and again Sunday has not been back – maybe the immature gull it caught and ate was enough gull for a while, their preferred food is fish. We do not usually see many Eagles out here this time of the year as they congregate at the rivers like Goldstream which are full of salmon returning to spawn.
posted by Carol or Mike S at 6:03 PM