3 e-seal pups


  • Wind west 20-25 knots, periods of rain.
  • I returned to Race Rocks this afternoon to a new e-seal pup on the lawn by the path. I could also hear the distinct sound of a third pup and mother on Middle Rock, confirmed with spotting scope from tower.  Chuckles was out on Middle Rock as well close to the mother and pup.

Vessels: I returned early afternoon +1 ecotour.


  • very heavy blasting at Christopher Point throughout the day with a west wind to carry the impact this way.  On my way back the ecotour operator said he had seen one blast cause a sealion stampede.
  • Received call from Coast Guard re someone open channeling on their vhf radio on channel 83 Alpha for the past 5 days in this vicinity. Checked all VHF radios on station.