cold winter days


On the first it has been a windy day gusting at 39 knots .with the low temperature 1.9 degrees celsius it was very chilly on the rock. Wind was from the North East ,it was sunny with a good visibility and just 30% of humidity. On February 2nd the wind was lighter around 20 knots and 28 at the most.from North East which gave a big swell on the jetty and no sun.The Sunrise was at 7:41AM and Sunset at 5:20PM.  The water temperature dropped under 7 degrees celsius. On the 3rd same conditions but very cloudy and a little of snow.


We have now steady 6 Elephant seals on the place . Chunk managed to stay away from the family lawn but watched them all the time.he tried to come closer but as soon as the other one was aware of him he went back to the lighthouse area .The 2 pups look like 2 “pinatas “. Boss tried a few times to mate the female but without too much success. Now 10 to 12 geeseDSC_0513DSC_0527DSC_0556DSC_0571


In average we have 1 to 2 eco -tourism boat everyday


Because of the  cold and windy weather we kept busy inside