2 barn swallows flew around the island

Thursday, June 20, 2002 Good Evening

TEMPERATURE: Max. 18.3 C  Min. 8.7 C Reset 13.1 C
THE DAY: Clear  Vis. 15 miles  Wind Light all Day  Sea Rippled and Even at Times Smooth
MARINE LIFE: One of those rare days with little wind,everyone just soaking up the warmth.The goose ‘family’ took a sea trip around Gr. Race and are quite strong swimmers now.The young ones did sleep for about 11/2 hours under the front porch when they came ashore. 2 barn swallows flew around the island this morning but as in past years, just a visit. About 4 years ago we had one pair build a nest on the downspout but after a couple of nights in a 25 knt. westerly they had second thoughts about their choice of real estate and left. A few swallows visit every year, usually earlier in the spring -it’s strange to me why they would fly way out here.Still hearing what sounds like large elephant seals snorting just off the dock at night, they do feed at night, but no sightings during the day.
HUMAN INTERACTION: There were 4 pleasure craft, 2 ecotour boats and 1 inflatable Coast Guard boat( 5 persons aboard wearing blue hard hats,) that circled Gr. Race – Since the C.G. vessel ‘Vector’ was in the area I think they may have been working from it.
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Good Morning
WEATHER: Sky Clear �� Vis. 15 Miles �� Wind West 11 Knots �� Sea Rippled
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